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I think Karlos is one of those NFL players that also needs to get his head checked out by a doctor. The Miami Dolphins fall tied for 2nd place on my favorite NFL teams, but I know the Dolphins are not even making playoffs (a few reasons posted below).

1. No number 1 WR on the team, they are luck to even maybe have a true number 2 WR.

2. The team still seems unsure of Matt Moore (and the QB position will not do any good at all season since they have no #1 WR).
– I think they will rotate QB’s more then once this season, which never helps ask Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson and Matt Moore, Jimmy Clausen (Panthers in 2010 season) also Derek Anderson “again” and John Skelton (Cardinals in 2010 season).

3. Miami DE does not seem to have got any better during the off season so far.

Man I hope Miami can figure something out on both sides of the ball, but I don’t see anything good coming from them for fans or fantasy football players this season.


It has been reported that Hakeem Nicks’ has broken a bone in his foot.  Nick’s is scheduled to have surgery on it Friday, and could miss about 12 weeks.

This is pretty bad because this could affect him all season long.  Foot injuries are tough because any little thing can make it sore, re-break etc.  I have him in a keeper league so I may have to look elsewhere for WR help (my other WR’s are Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Wallace, Laurent Robinson, Doug Baldwin).  Nicks has put up solid number time after time and last season was not different (numbers posted below).  If you have Nicks in a keeper league or wanted to draft him, you will need to watch his status towards the end of pre-season because taking him higher this season may be a big risk.

Nicks 2011 regular season  stats:

Catches: 76 catches

Yards: 1,192

Touchdowns: 7 touchdowns

MLB Picks for Thursday’s games

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Sports

MLB Picks for Thursday

This is my MLB Picks for Thursday night. I don’t normally post other fantasy stuff besides NFL, but I have been board waiting for NFL to arrive.

Yep its true Vince Young fans, your boy has landed with the Bills “not so dream team”. I think Young will be a good fit really for the Bills.  He is kind of has the same style as Fitzpatrick, both have a little speed, gunslinger arm and can move around a little inside the pocket.  Fitzpatrick is not a running QB really, but he can move around in the pocket and has the speed to get out of the pocket if need be, unlike your standard pocket passer (Brady, Manning etc.).  Either way, I am sure Young will be backing up Fitzpatrick unless he just flops like he did towards the end of the season last year “really after he signed his contract”.

All in all, I like a lot of the moves the Bills have done this off season, and I am ready to see how they all pay off for them.

Terrell Owens “T.O.” says he is ready to play in the NFL again – Myself, I believe he still holds some value. Just look at his numbers for his last season in the NFL.

Yards = 983
Catches = 72
Catches of 20+ yards = 15
Long = 78 yard with TD
Games played = 14, he missed 2 games and still put up those numbers. He would of broke 1000 yard mark again which would of been his 10th time doing so.

Joseph Addai is heading to the New England Patriots, I am just unsure why the Patriots wanted him. To tell you the truth I am a little unsure what the Patriots are doing this off season with adding five WR’s and now Addai to the crowed RB group they have already with Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen and Danny Woodhead. I am guessing the Patriots are a little unsure about Vereen and Woodhead since Ridley is the primary RB with Green-Ellis out of town.

I am sure Belichick has something up his sleeve and I cannot wait to see it.

LaDainian Tomlinson may be calling it time to leave the league. I have never been a big fan of Tomlinson myself (unsure why), but I will give him the credit he deserves for being one of the best during his time. LT should land in the Hall of Fame with no issues, so LT fans don’t worry about that part of this career because his number speak for that end of it. I think LT can still provide help to a number of teams, but I just don’t think he wants a 3rd down type role and I don’t really think he can do much more then that anymore.

All in all, Tomlinson had a great career, highlights, numbers and made his mark in NFL history.