Jabar Gaffney signed with Patriots

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Football, NFL, Sports, Uncategorized

Well Patriots and Jabar Gaffney fans it looks like your dreams may or may not of came true today. Yes it is true that Jabar Gaffney signed with the New England Patriots.

I am a little lost on why the Patriots signed Gaffney, they have signed a number of other WR’s in the off-season already.  The Patriots signed, Anthony Gonzalez, Brandon Lloyd, Donté Stallworth and now Jabar Ganney.  This list does not even include the current WR’s they have on the roster.  I am unsure how they plan on using all of these WR’s, but maybe they don’t really even care to do that.  I am thinking the Patriots wanted to signed all of these WR’s so no other team in the AFC can land them and have a deep threat vs them since the Patriots had a lot of issues stopping the passing game last season.

Anyway, I guess we will all find out how the Patriots plan on using these WR’s come regular season.


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