Hakeem Nicks breaks a bone in his foot

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Football, NFL, Sports

It has been reported that Hakeem Nicks’ has broken a bone in his foot.  Nick’s is scheduled to have surgery on it Friday, and could miss about 12 weeks.

This is pretty bad because this could affect him all season long.  Foot injuries are tough because any little thing can make it sore, re-break etc.  I have him in a keeper league so I may have to look elsewhere for WR help (my other WR’s are Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Wallace, Laurent Robinson, Doug Baldwin).  Nicks has put up solid number time after time and last season was not different (numbers posted below).  If you have Nicks in a keeper league or wanted to draft him, you will need to watch his status towards the end of pre-season because taking him higher this season may be a big risk.

Nicks 2011 regular season  stats:

Catches: 76 catches

Yards: 1,192

Touchdowns: 7 touchdowns


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