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QB of the week: Jay Cutler vs Colts: Cutler’s fantasy value jumped sky high once the Chicago Bears traded for Brandon Marshall. The Colts only landed 29 total team sacks and a turnover ratio of -12. Also the Colts gave up a total of 25 passing TD’s and 19 rushing TD’s to the opponents. I believe this this works in favor for Cutler and getting the ball to Brandon Marshall and the rookie (maybe break out stud) Alshon Jeffery.


Matt Schaub vs Dolpins: If you drafted Schaub how can you not start him unless you landed another top tier QB ahead of him. Schaub has a favorable match up vs the Miami Dolphins 24 passing TD’s in 2011 and also just traded away Vontae Davis to the Colts for apples and oranges. Also don’t forget, Schaub gets back the monster Andre Johnson. I believe Schaub could be a top 3-5 QB in week 1 for fantasy land.

Michael Vick at Browns: What type of concerns do you have with starting Vick against the Browns? The Browns gave up 12 rushing TD’s and 16 passing TD’s, and both of those numbers help Vick because he gets both values. If you drafted him as your starter, well you better let him start week 1 vs the Browns.

Sleeper QB Russell Wilson at Arizona: Wilson looked very impressive this preseason and well we all know Arizona did nothing but look like a candidate for maybe the worst team in the NFL this coming 2012 season. If you are maybe in a league that provides only 4 points for TD’s and you waited until later rounds to land add a like QB like Alex Smith for your starter, I’d roll with Wilson over someone like Alex Smith, RG3, Bradford etc in week 1.


Mark Sanchez vs Bills: I just don’t see Mark doing much vs the Bills, granted they did give up 30 passing TD’s last season. The Bills added Mario Williams in the mix which should be an improved DE. So I believe they the Bills will be able to put more pressure on Sanchez and plus with Tim Tebow taking snaps, I don’t believe Mark Sanchez is someone you want to start let alone even draft him.


RB of the week: Kevin Smith vs Rams: I love Kevin Smith in this game vs the Rams and how could you not? When was the last time the Rams where able to stop the run game?…….I am waiting…….point taken. If you follow the NFL, Detorit Lions, Running Backs, Fantasy Football, etc. I am sure you already know Jahvid Best is on the PUP list since he cannot stay healthy and Mikel Leshoure is going to miss the first two weeks of regular season. So really the Lions have no one else besides Keiland Williams which I do not see him taking away much time from Smith besides to rest. Also Smith looked great last year on his come back season after having a ruff first 3 seasons with the Lions who declined the tender offer on Smith, making him an unrestricted free agent in 2011, but then resigned in November of 2011. Look, if you have him I say you start him in your flex or as a number 2 RB in week one, the Rams gave up an avg of 151.7 rushing yards per game!!


Matt Forte vs Colts: Did you read what wrote under Jay Cutler? If not here is a few stats that that should help you not to worry about Forte in week 1 vs the Colts, besides that his a STUD RB. The Colts in the 2011 season gave up 19 rushing TD’s and also 25 passing TD’s. Well both of those help Jay Cutler and Forte because Cutler will be touching the ball each play and we all know Forte can run for TD’s and is a great hands for catching the ball. In 2011 Forte had 5 catches go for 20+ yards. He also hauled in 52 catches for 490 yards, that big for PPR league. I won’t even go over his rushing yards since (997 yards in 12 games). So don’t be a bad fantasy owner and try to get cute with NOT starting Forte.

DeAngelo Williams at Buccaneers: Now I know DeAngelo fell off a little last season, but that was because Cam Newton was taking a lot of those rushing TD’s. I believe Cam still try and not run as much this season and also I like DeAngelo really if Johnathan Stewart misses week 1, so you will need to watch this status. If Stewart does play, I don’t think I’d want either one of them really in my starting line ups just because to many mouths to feed including Mike Tolbert. But lets say Stewart is out, well that is great for DeAngelo because the Buccaneers gave up a 26 rushing TD’s and that is great for DeAngelo.

Sleeper RB – Cedric Benson vs 49ers: I know a number of you will think I am crazy because how well the 49ers did last season, so well they only allowed 3 rushing TD’s. For season reason I just think the Packers will try and get Benson the ball to see what they really have him during game activity and not this pre-season business. Also I could see a pair of TD’s with around maybe 60 yards, and the reason for the TD’s is because near the goal line, I could see the Packers trying to punch it in instead of the normal shotgun and hope for the best attempt. Also don’t forget this is the sleeper category fantasy fans.


Shonn Greene vs Bills: The Bills are another team that cannot stop the run (well in past years), they gave up 19 rushing TD’s last season but they have been upgraded with Mario Williams. Also, don’t forget the Jets added Tim Tebow who will take away from Greene’s rushing attempts and TD’s while in the red zone for sure this season. I would stay away really from anyone on that Jets teams until we see more of the offense (which you didn’t score a TD in preseason).

Reggie Bush at HOU: Yes Bush has great speed and hands, but that only gets you so far. The Texans where the second ranked best defense last season for yards allowed per game (285.7) and only allowed 8 rushing TD’s which only 18 passing TD’s. The Dolphins and Reggie Bush both know that is a problem makers for any defense they face, the only issues is so does the opposing team. So really they just need to stop Bush and take the risk that Ryan Tannehill is going to beat them, which well all know including Tannehill that he will not beat the Texans.

Trent Richardson vs Eagles: Well besides the fact that the Eagles only allowed 11 rushing TD’s in 2011 doesn’t help the Browns since they only had a total of 4 rushing TD’s all of the 2011 season. Also, I just don’t know how much work he’s going to get and they still have Montario Hardesty who looked good in limited time last season.


Dallas Cowboys WR Kevin Ogletree

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Football, NFL, Sports

Well I am guessing if your a football fan you see the game last night and know the Cowboys WR Kevin Ogletree stole the show.  The unknown WR Ogletree had a breakout night with 8 catches, 114 yards and hauled in 2 TD’s.  Those are pretty good number for an unknown WR and someone that just landed his first every TD’s in the NFL.  His fantasy value just went up a few spot and might turn out to be a nice sleeper, but I would not jump the gun yet unless you have room on your roster to store him away.  Keep your eye’s open on him, he might be the next Laurent Robinson for the Cowboys last year which means 800+ REC yards and 11+ TD which is what Robinson pulled off.