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Well what can I say about this¬†offseason¬†so far. ¬†It has been one of the craziest¬†offseasons¬† and we still have a lot more to come. ¬†We have seen a few big names move on to new teams like we thought they would, but then you get sneakers like Welker landed with the Broncos who just blow up the free agency market when a move like that happens. ¬†Then you turn around and see moves like Miami paying Hartline $30 million over 5 years which is more then Broncos paying Welker $12 million for 2 years. ¬†If you haven’t seen any free agency news, here are the top 3 big winners to to me.

1. Miami Dolphins РTo me they just landed two big players to help them on each side of the ball.  Mike Wallace will help them stretch the field, he is one of the best in the game to stretch the field with that remarkable speed of his.  Tannehill has a big arm so he should have no issue getting Wallace the ball deep.  Also as of right now, Wallace is the only FA getting an avg of $10 million a year, everyone else has been way below that.  I think this would be a good WR core with Hartline and Bess, each have speed and hands, if Tannehill can get protecting this group has great upside and might end up being a top WR core in the NFL.

Miami also landed LB Dannell Ellerbe from the Ravens, he should help fill the middle of the field and will be great help in stopping the run. ¬†To me Miami’s DE just jumped up another notch, they already have a very good DB core, so now the sky is the limit for this growing Miami team.

2. Denver Broncos – Well what can we say, they just landed one of the best slot WR’s of all time in Wes Welker. ¬†This WR core for Denver is going to be a force to reckon with, team will have issues covering both big WR’s on the outside and then the great Welker in the middle. ¬†Also you cannot forget they still have Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen to come over the middle as well. ¬†This is going to be a fun one to watch this season.

Broncos also snagged away OG Louis Vasquez from the Chargers.  Now this seemed like a great deal for them and just a bad mistake by the Chargers for not resigning him.  Well then I took a stepped back and realized Phillip Rivers was the 2nd most sacked QB in the league last season.  Denver already has a good O line, this Vasquez pick will be a great hit or a bad miss. Broncos also was able to land Terrance Kinghton, but that is really nothing special unless Terrance can show up unlike he did last year for Jacksonville.

Now the big name player to top off the free agency hunt for the Broncos so far was adding Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.  This might be the best add for them because it just makes that DB core and DE in general that much better on paper.  I am ready to see what they can do with him along side Champ Bailey and Chris Harris.

3. Cleveland Browns РThe big news for the Browns so far was the signing of LB Paul Kruger.  This is big for them because they need the help over the middle and a run stopped in the 2nd level.

The other big signing for the Browns was Desmond Bryant. ¬†This is also going to be a big part of the run stop DE which is going to help the Browns huge. ¬†Reports has said Browns will try to sign a top CB, well with already having a top CB in Joe Haden this run stop DE will be huge for those CB’s. ¬†The Browns we will something to see this season, even more so if they can log a top FA TE like Fred Davis or Dustin Keller. ¬†I know I am ready to see how this all plays out for the Browns.