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Hello sports world!

We are back at it again, this coming NFL session we will be providing write ups and daily fantasy picks for DFS setups.  Along with doing NFL, we will be providing MLB capper picks for the rest of the season.  Yes, we will also be posting other capper picks for other sports besides MLB, such as NBA and SOCCER.  You can refer to the pages to across the top of the blog page to find these categories.  Best of luck to all cappers trailing our selected picks.  You can follow via Twitter and turn on notifications, or refer back to our page before game times.


I know this is a fantasy football blog, but I have to give credit to Ryan Anderson (yes whom I like) for winning the NBA’s Most Improved player award.  Ryan has been playing great ball as of late and has had a number of good days during the regular season and post season so far.  I was looking at the voting numbers and I seen that Andrew Bynum came in 4th place, what is that about?  Bynum has stepped up his game huge over the last few seasons and I don’t think he should of been in 4th place.

Anyway, I just wanted to say congrats to Ryan Anderson and even the Magic for putting up a fight in this 1st round of playoffs without having Dwight Howard.